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Minerva Business Systems Ltd (MBS)

Is a privately owned software company based in Edinburgh. Our team is focused on providing our clients the best of, in-house built, Legal Solution and Human Resource Software

Since MBS is based in the UK, we are able to provide our clients with the standard of services and support they would expect, from understanding your business requirements and creating a strong working relationship.

MBS is committed to....

  • Providing our customers with professional and affordable products, services and support.
  • Developing and testing all our products, to be fast, reliable and user friendly.
  • Gathering feedback and tracking our products, to ensure they are fully functional and up to date.
  • Providing our staff with ongoing training and an excellent working environment, to allow personal and company development.

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Continual Development

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At MBS we aim to continue improving our products and services. Feedback, of any description, from our clients is what drives us forward, helping ensure you always benefit from using any MBS product