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Minerva HR Features

Take control of your human resources administration with our online personnel and reporting software.

Move away from paper based HR and control your employee details from one easy to access web-based portal. Below are just some of the features of MHR:

Absence and Holiday Management
No matter the size of your business, staying on top of and keeping relevant records on absence and holidays can be a difficult task. With MHR it couldn’t be easier.
Employees can log in and request their holidays at any point, which can then be accepted or declined by management – plus MHR will recalculate their holidays. They may also sign off their own absence, helping you keep as relevant and up-to-date personnel details as possible.
Appraisal and Disciplinary Management
Getting employees to complete their pre-appraisals and sign off their appraisals could not be easier with MHR. Reminders are sent ensuring you do not have to chase after the work and once completed it can be viewed by management, ensuring your appraisal procedure runs smoothly.
Disciplinary actions stay live in your employee folder for the length of time set out by you. When a disciplinary is being added MHR will tell you if any other relevant actions are still live – ensuring you are on top of your disciplinary process.
Electronic Document Storage
Getting snowed under with HR paperwork? You no longer have to worry with MHR.
Store any documentation online, either company wide or to an individual employee, to be able to view at anytime. Store company handbooks, contracts, job descriptions and whatever else you need without using up office space.
Expenses and Overtime Claims
Stay on top of your employees expenses and overtime claims with MHR. You can also claim mileage in relation to stored company vehicles or personal vehicles. All claims are stored online so you will always have them for reference – either declined or accepted.
Maternity and Paternity Calculation
Keeping up with maternity and paternity legislation is difficult but with Minerva Human Resources software, we set out the legal timescales automatically which you can adjust if necessary but cannot go below them.

Pay Grades and Benefits
Keep a record of all your employee pay grades, past and present and also allocate company benefits to individual employees or company wide.
The second you log into MHR, you will be given a reminders list of all your to-do work. Holiday requests, appraisals due, absence completion and much more appear for each relevant user; even employees get reminders for appraisals, training completion and more.
Each user also has access to a diary which can be used for entering your own events and MHR will also automatically record events. Rest assured with MHR that you are on top of your HR needs.
Gather the information you need, when you need it. From absence reports to training reports to company wide holiday calendars, MHR will put together the information you require. You can even convert your report into a CSV file to transfer it to a third party package.
Self-Service Access
Don’t leave it to one person in your company to deal with all the HR admin. MHR will allow the responsibility of entry of personnel data to be spread around your company, to allow you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business.
Staff Directory
With MHR you can have the contact details for all your employees all in one area, including location details, phone and email. You can also email directly from MHR staff directory, helping improve communication between employees.
Training and Target Records
Record and set targets with MHR. Employees can record notes and keep up with all current events, while managers are able to allocate new records to their employees.

To see MHR for yourself arrange an online demonstration through our Webex training centre or apply for a Free 14 day trial so you can see first hand how MHR can improve your HR function.