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Minerva Case Management

Minerva Case Management will help you optimise your company’s handling of cases. Below are just some of the features that MCM can offer:

Interactive Web Access Facility: Web Minerva

Web Minerva is the innovative service from MBS that enables you to support your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Web Minerva provides a comprehensive and interactive online case management service to your clients, branded with your company’s details and corporate logo.

Web Minerva’s administration section enables you to fully control security, from granting access rights to the information available to clients setting appropriate levels for them to view case records, add notes, confirm case progress and other information relevant to their case.

Best of all, whether you charge your Clients or provide it as a complementary service is up to you.

Report, Invoicing and Banking Facilities

Comprehensive reporting suite highlights specific actions, general issues and trends so that strategic decisions can be made for your company. Standard time, billing and payment reports are available as well as management reports that can be integrated into third party packages as CSV files.

Clients can also be given the facility to generate reports within Web Minerva, providing clients with the reports they want, when they want them with a consequent time saving to you.

Automated Workflow to Streamline Case Progression

The MCM workflow will ensure that staff only deal with tasks which require their input ensuring their time is used as effectively as possible.

MCM workflow is all about performance improvement. Allowing organisations to automate, analyse, refine and optimise their business processes - achieving significant organisational gains through better process management.

More efficient and better-executed business processes mean lower costs and better return on investment.

Automatic Document Production and Scanning

Fast and effortless document production means that from the start of a case it is possible to generate all relevant documentation automatically, at the touch of a button. One-click letter and document production significantly reduces dictation and secretarial time, while MCM enables letters to be produced in the company style.

Documents can be scanned into the system individually or in bulk – ensuring all the relevant case information is readily available. MCM can provide a powerful case hosting capability allowing a true paperless office.