Legal Case Management Software Based on Scottish Legislation

Minerva Case Management Software (MCM) from Minerva Business Systems Ltd (MBS) will improve efficiency through the automation and optimisation of your case handling abilities.

By streamlining your administrative tasks you can increase the profitability of existing business while creating capacity for attracting further business.

Your clients will be kept involved and informed with the comprehensive integrated web access module, Web Minerva.

MCM is ideal for high volume commercial litigation, including debt collection actions and repossessions and best of all it’s based on Scottish Legislation.

Benefits of Minerva Case Management Sofware(MCM)

  • Lower organisational costs and increased efficiency due to removal of many time consuming administrative tasks
  • Reduced operational risk, thanks to the analysis, automated documentation, standardisation, and monitoring of case processes
  • Improved communication between your organisation and clients
  • Fewer errors due to less re-keying of processed data
  • Overview of operational performance across the entire process life cycle