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Legal Software to Streamline Your Case Handling Abilities

There are many reasons to choose MCM - Our top ten reasons demonstrating the benefits MCM will bring to your business are listed below.

1. Based on Scottish Legislation
MCM is aimed directly at the Scottish market unlike many other currently available packages. No additional costs are required to adapt software written for different jurisdictions.
2. Attract Further Business
By automating your case handling abilities, you will reduce the time spent on individual cases, freeing up time to attract more business. Plus, your existing clients will benefit from a clear improvement in service through MCM’s streamlining capabilities.
3. Keep Your Clients Informed
With Web Minerva all relevant case information can be viewed around the clock, without any increase in staff or work outside office hours. Web Minerva allows your clients to view relevant case information and update information on-line, without having to pick up the phone. Web Minerva will also be uniquely styled with your company’s branding.
4. Decrease Workload
MCM is designed to streamline and automate legal case management practice by optimising your case handling abilities. By choosing MCM you can reduce time consuming administrative tasks, saving time for you and your employees, time that can be utilised for other income generating activities.
5. Court Calendar
A full court calendar facility is linked to all case events relevant to you, with automated reminders to ensure important deadlines are not missed. Throughout MCM and the Calendar all entries are logged to create an accurate audit trail. You can also share calendar entries with other users.

6. Data Storage
All relevant case data can be stored on MCM so all case correspondence is held in one area – whether scanning in documents or entering contact notes. MCM provides you with a complete case summary at any time.
7. Task List
Users logging into MCM will see what work is required and when. Completion of all relevant tasks is monitored from your desktop, with the comprehensive audit trail identifying who did what and when. MCM makes allocation and reallocation of work simplicity itself.
8. Accounts Integration
MCM operates as a complete integrated case management system with time management and billing functions. It also integrates with third party accounting packages.
9. User Definable Reports
MCM is available with user defined and standard reports. You generate the necessary information, when you need it. MCM reports are exportable into other programmes e.g. spreadsheet applications, for advanced manipulation. Your clients will also have access to reports through Web Minerva.
10.Improve Your Company’s Environmental Impact
With documents readily available in MCM, paper mountains will be a thing of the past both increasing efficiency and improving your company’s environmental impact. You only print what is necessary, documents and case details are sent by e-mail or clients simply view the case record on Web Minerva.